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  • “We provide the attention and responsiveness you deserve".
  • “We understand the demands of high-end retail construction and deliver high-end results".
  • “Although we are meticulous, we are also competitively priced.”
  • “We repair, replace, install and refinish from ceiling to floor, and wall to wall.”
  • “If it’s broken, we’ll come in quickly, make the fix, clean up completely, and leave it looking like new.”
  • “We had a complicated construction project, but Landmark was able to get the job done, and had some really creative solutions to our space challenges.” Client
  • “I look at Landmark Retail Corp not as a vendor but as my long-term business partner.” Client
  • “LRC is perfect if a project is challenging and fast-paced; meeting deadlines while maintaining excellent quality is their strength.” Client
  • “Landmark did a great job. They stayed on schedule and on budget, and we got beautiful results.” Client
LRC Services
For expert construction management, construction and/ or facilities maintenance, smart companies turn to LRC. We offer exceptional response times, manage every detail and provide a wide breadth of services. Our understanding of and dedication to each client’s specific requirements have made us a recognized and growing resource for national retailers. We have extensive experience, do meticulous work at fair prices, and offer superior turnaround times.

Our nationwide network of highly qualified contractors and trusted workers ensures that your needs are attended to quickly and expertly. Whether you have a job request, a repair that needs immediate attention, or a question, you simply make one phone call.
We’re honored to have the opportunity to provide services to some of the top retailers in the country. We like to think they chose us, and continue to use us, because our philosophy meshes with theirs - to provide consistently exceptional work and attention.

Whenever you use LRC, we guarantee you will not only be pleased with our work, but that it will exceed your expectations. We have many years of experience as well as a client roster of some of the best-known names in retail.