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LRC is a diversified consulting Firm providing construction management, construction inspections, engineering, safety engineering inspections and land surveying services. LRC construction management and inspections provides services as owner’s agent and performs work at risk, GMP and general contracting services. 

LRC brings construction expertise and ongoing communications to all your projects, ensuring a smooth and easy process from the first design ideas through the final finishing detail. Our customers include top names in the industry: retailers with the highest quality standards and creative requirements. 

We work quickly to meet your deadlines, but can also make adjustments to accommodate changes and special requirements you have. Address the big picture, and the small details. We take on every project holistically, paying as much attention to the final touches as we do to the grand scheme. 

We pride ourselves on our attentiveness, and challenge solving abilities. Throughout your project you will be kept consistently apprised of the progress, the schedule, the costs, and any changes.